Wladimiro Politano was born in February 19, 1940 in Lago (Cosenza), Italy. Graduated in the "Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma" and here he started his artistic development as a drawer, painter and sculptor. He lived in Rome until 1966, when he moved to Caracas, Venezuela.


Seven years later he went to New York where he lived for ten years. During this period of time Politano participated in different public and private exhibitions in the United States, Austria, Japan, Venezuela and Italy. He produced plenty and a wide variety of art works exhibited in several national and international galleries and museums. The Künstlerhause Museum of Vienna invited him in 1978, as the only foreign artist, to celebrate the One Hundred Years of the Künstlerhause Museum, together with the outstanding Austrian artists from the School of Fantastic Realism. There he realized an individual exhibition.


Because of his grand merits, in July 1980, the city of New Rochelle N.Y. awarded him the title “ Commendation ”. In 1981 Politano and others great masters inaugurated “The Museum of Modern Art Toyama” in Shingogaura, Toyama-Shi, in Japan, where two of his paintings are present in permanent exhibition. In Florida he received the “Sylvia Daro Dawidowicz International Award” directly by the president herself. In 1983, he returns to Caracas to work with both private and public projects. Participate in Caracas to "Escultura Symposium 1985" and his model remained as a symbol of the "VIII Biennale of Architecture" in the "Museo de Bellas Artes" and then will be constructed in large dimension. This sculpture is called "Puntas de Plata" and is in permanent exhibition at the Caracas’s Metro, Station "El Silencio”. Politano in this periode lived and worked between Venezuela, Italy and Sweden.


In 2003, he was invited as a curator and artist to participate in the "II Biennial of Painting" in Konstgall Väsby, Stockholm, Sweden. Here master Politano take part in various collective exhibitions and dealing with different cultures. The colors of nature so different from the tropical enrich the color molded in his paintings. Creating and animating works, constantly renewing itself without fatigue, such as an apostle of Art.


He was invited to the first International Sculpture Symposium 2007 SIEIM made in 'Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta Venezuela.


For an outstanding art creativity and important artistic production outside his native country, he received the most important awards from the President of Italy, ”The Italy in the World Award”. This shows the quality of majestic artistry whose creation is based on passion, originality, expertise in drawing and a tireless work.


Today, Politano lives between Caracas, Rome, Lago-Calabria and Stockholm, places where he has his Studios and soon it will open at Miami a new one.




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