The Americas Collection at the II Edition of ArtSpot "SPECTRUM Miami 2013" presents the sculptor Wladimiro Politano. Miami 2013, Dec.4-8.

ArtSpot at this II Edition hosted by Spectrum Miami 2013 is an International Contemporary Art Fair in the heart of Midtown Miami featuring an international slate of artists and galleries. It’s where contemporary meets extraordinary. The Show last 5 days during which there are enjoye dan experience cultures of diverse concepts and areas: fine art experience, featuring music, entertainment and other special events.

What A juried contemporary art fair featuring publishers, galleries and studios representing talented mid-career and emerging artists.

December each year, thousands of international art collectors, gallery owners, dealers, curators and artists descend upon Miami for Art Week. In the heart of Midtown Miami—along side power house art fairs like Art Basel, Art Miami, Scope and Miami Project SPECTRUM showcases innovative new art in an elegant, gallery-style exhibition space.

At this year’s SPECTRUM Miami, we’ll be hosting ArtSpot International Art Fair—a stand-alone event inside the show. ArtSpot 2013 replicates a model introduced to the Miami art community last year, presenting carefully selected modern, contemporary and cutting-edge galleries with strong curatorial programs and their represented artists. It is aimed at offering extremely high-quality art to the Miami art community and worldwide collectors during Art Basel Week.

The master, painter and sculptor Wladimiro Politano will be joining the Contemporary Art Fair through The Americas Collection Miami at SPECTRUM Miami and sharing an innovative array of new Sculptures.

Art work focuses on the interplay between color, space and place and the respective scale. His sculptures range from geometric forms and benches to wave forms and pieces that feature curves, beams and tips. Spatially a unique colour and polychrome aluminum structures, they invite you to communicate from the Earth to the Sky, from low to high, otherwise that synergistically joined.

The Americas Collection at "Pinta NY 2013" presents the sculptor Wladimiro Politano. New York 2013, Nov.14-17.

This is the 7th ANNUAL PINTA NEW YORK ART SHOW is a Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show and cover a wider range of art from Latin America, Spain and Portugal than ever before.

According to Executive Director and CEO of PINTA New York, Diego Costa Peuser the entire reason for PINTA in New York City is to raise the profile of Latin American art and its identity, “We believe that a joint effort and working together for a common purpose are a foundation for success and for achieving great results, and we are determined to build bridges to and from Latin America, so that art from the region may continue to position itself globally.”

There are several section components that comprise the show.

There is “PINTA Forum” curator-Gabriela Rangel and coordinated by Miguel A. López. The Forum is the primary academic component to the show that touches on the themes of Art History, Identity, Narratives and Institutional Development within Latin America.

The master Wladimiro POLITANO through the gallery THE AMERICAS COLLECTION exposes his monumental sculptures on “PINTA Contemporary” whose curator is Ian COFRE. This section of galleries that show the latest contemporary pieces of work from Latin American. There are present galleries from Latin America and New York City.

POLITANO exposes aluminum sculptures chromed of different colors unique, red, cobalt blue, viola and yellow. His artistic language part of geometric shapes and volumes that are defined in space, where highlights the use of pure primary colors to create abstract images, of extreme minimalist synthesis, sometimes completed in acute tips. Their sculptures are the product of the volumetric study based on symmetries or asymmetrical shapes based on concepts and calculations, designed by maestro POLITANO who, well known to the study of the space and the perfect proportion.

This year 2013 is an exciting time for Wladimiro POLITANO, Italian-Latin American master, sculptor and painter in a Show where participate around of 40 organizations from across Latin America, the United States, Spain and Portugal have funded PINTA NY and the very best of the best is being represented.

The Americas Collection presents the Master Wladimiro Politano through the Abstract Geometric Sculptures Exhibition "Infinitum". Director and Curator Velia Larcinese. Miami 2013, Sept. 6-30.

Wladimiro Politano, Venezuelan artist of Italian origin, the possessor of a prolific and solid projected trajectory since the seventies in Europe, the United States and Venezuela, performs an important sculptural exhibition in the Gallery The Americas Collections, USA, from September 06, under the title of Infinitum, which confirms their approximations and influences in the geometric abstraction.

Works stemming from their designs where art and mathematics are joined together, built in aluminum chrome of vibrant colors, in medium format or at the public to join the architecture, will be exhibited next to a series of photos that record the process of artistic achievement.

His sculptural language part of geometric shapes and volumes that are defined in space, where highlights the use of pure primary colors to create abstract images, of extreme minimalist synthesis, sometimes completed in acute tips. Their sculptures are the product of the volumetric study based on symmetries or asymmetrical shapes based on concepts and calculations, designed by maestro Politano who, well known to the study of the space and the perfect proportion.

Hence the use of vivid colors, composed by the artist himself, unique, intense as red, yellow, cobalt blue or lilac that arouse effervescent energies already that, apart from its meaning, the purpose of the comprehensive work is to bring these emotions", we regard Politano. Pyramids, circles, various shapes based on mathematical principles and their multiple and repetitive elements, i.e. modular, create rhythms and sounds numeric visual in their sculptures.

"Ideas and contemporary forms with pyramidal tips are multiplied depending on the position of those who observed and move creating impact and electricity through the gaps and intangible, where light plays freely between the solid elements," says the artist. To Wladimiro, their sculptures in metal are a minimalist expression of the nature and the repetition of asymmetric and symmetric forms allow a dynamic of the light and the movement to give balance and harmony. Equally the artist explores creatively drawing, painting, and the volumes in wood.

Born in Italy, (Lago,1940) This artist was formed in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, (Scenic painting and architecture) and its presence in the country is projected from the seventies with his sculptural work, to more than two dozen individual samples in Venezuela, Italy, United States, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Panama and Japan.

His works, as well as being part of several permanent collections, have been exhibited in 12 museums of the world important cultural centers: Museum Kunstlerhause, in Vienna; Museum Bennington College in Vermont; Metropolitan Museum of art, Florida; Museum of modern art Toyama, in Japan; Sylvia Daro Dawidowicz International Foundation in Florida; John J.Koubeck Foundation, University of Miami; Museum of contemporary art Sofía Imber; Museo di Rende, Cosenza; Museum of Latin American art in Long Beach, California; Museum contemporary art in Panama; Centro Cultural New Rochelle, New York; Palazzo Bruzzi and the Fundación Mendoza Caracas, among others. It should be noted his most recent solo show, performed last year at the Museum of art Acarigua Araure

"Politano has participated in the biennial of Sweden and the Internationart in Venice - 2011 and 2012 editions - as well as having received the honour of the Government in giving him the award "Italy in the World Award" for his outstanding artistic career, outside his native country."The true work of art, in my opinion, birthweight escapes all rule. It is always a constant adventure into the unknown. You shouldn't analyze a work because it decreases their meaning. Only you must feel, love and embark on the journey to a world of endless adventure. I believe that my work is part of a global movement with a personal and positive message", expresses the artist in the text that accompanies the catalogue.

The Exhibition Infinitum will remain open in the center of The Americas Collection, space showing Latin American art from the artistic and cultural circuit that Ponce de Leon, in Coral Gables, Florida, is promoted in the centrally located boulevard until the 30th of September.Infinitum, is an opportunity to get closer to a recent work of high level technical, thematic and formal this artist Italo-Venezolano, with many years of experience and research, important personality in the context of the arts in Venezuela.

Auction Latinamerican Artists 2005, Museum Of Latin American Art. MoLAA, Long Beach. CA, USA.

The Venezuelan, Alex SLATO, Director of the Museum of Latin American art (MoLAA) in Los Angeles, California, announced the participation of artist Wladimiro POLITANO, at your next big auction to be held on 15 and 16 October 2005. "With the support of important Latin American artists this auction without any doubt will be the Hall - auction more important Latin-American art in the West of the United States."UU. The MoLAA features works of great masters Diego RIVERA, Francisco TOLEDO, Fernando DE SZYSZLO, Rufino TAMAYO, Fernando BOTERO and of course Wladimiro POLITANO. All funds raised at the auction will be used for the project "EXPANSION of the MoLAA Museum". This expansion project has been done by the Arq. Manuel Rosen graduated from the National University in Mexico City, professional prestige and an experience of more than forty years of achievements, registered in the United States, Mexico and Argentina. The Arq. Rosen it will take two years to finish and describes your project: two forty-foot monolithic rectangular arches serve as the primary theme and focal point for the new complex of Mola's.

The arches, a Latin America symbolization and the other, the United States, were designed to reflect these diverse cultures meet. They are also regarded as the metaphorical bridges that MoLAA provides to and from the Americas, and the idyllic unit in the Western hemisphere. Apart from the arches, small square openings surround the outer walls of the museum's, creating a necklace of light while the Sun continues its daily path across the sky. Floating under the arches, an expansive reflection pool held by MoLAA's proximity to the ocean Pacifico.para compensate for the rigidity of the angular structure, a cylindrical tower emerges from the pool of reflection, and balances the geometric balance of design.

In further reference to sea, blue and white tile of custom decorated cylinder, creating the illusion of soft waves that roll through the outside of the Museum.

The Associate Director, Alex Slato concludes that this is one of the few museums dedicated exclusively to contemporary Latin American art as well as its culture in the United States.UU., as he idealized it and its founder Dr. Roberto Gumbiner, created in November 1996 in Long Beach in California.

With the use of his wonderful permanent collection, exhibitions that travel, and programs the MoLAA educates diverse California on contemporary Latin American art southern audience. "Without a doubt this ambitious expansion will give the ability to generate and project even more the artistic level of the great masters such as POLITANO and other artists from the rest of Latin America".

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