Interview by journalist Desirée Depablo

1.- ¿Why Politano decided to be a sculptor? When and where it is initiated?

I am a sculptor and painter but my experience was initially as sculptor. Since very young, since i was 7 years old i used to help my dad to prepare the religious figures that would conform the Birth of Baby Jesus. This it was a ritual during Christmas Season and was carried out with great love, faith and a lot of happiness because besides so happy participation there was of fund a chocolate rough sketch fragrance and candies baked that the kitchen stemmed from where my mom and family women prepared the Christmas candies. My dad Nicola Politano was restorer of religious and civil pieces of art and taught me to mold the clay, he with the time would count me about its amazement since I from boy blurred the images of the models creating my own images or ssmall sculptures like a joke.


2.- ¿How has been the experience to participate in this Symposium of Sculpture?

Very positive, to create so that any human Being can enjoy works of art and to be felt owner of them without limitations is magnificent because besides one to create artisticamente one this donating the humanity what belongs her.


3.- ¿How was the experience with the remainder of the group of artists? How was the work with her companions?

It has been very enriching all the process, since it has been developed a sense of family among all the sculptors participants. The selection was assertive, each one of us with its own language achieved a diverse and very original sculpture one of another, in its creation. In the human environment and artístc felt the desire of reciprocal contribution in all the aspects since the idéa was to carry out good public works so that All they had access to these and to us the sculptors. And it but important it is that this process SIEIM is in continuous evaluation and reconstruction with the ácceso organized of other artists margariteños, national and international, that will be incorporated with their sculptures in one of the but stunning Road Museums of the World.


4.- ¿Which has been their artistic proposal and because?

My proposal is a Sculpture executed with a single metal, solid iron painted in red color. Each sheet measures 8 millimeters of wide. The sculpture this represented by two vertical bodies that are elevated toward the sky, one they have a height of 6 meters high approximately and another body of 4 meters that is less high. Each body is conformed by 5 elements on the whole they are 10. These metallic structures have an abstract geometric forms and mathematical order that obeys to a movement of displacement and among the body but highly or upper and the lower one a condescendencia is declared. Just as could be among a governante toward their town, or between the town and their governante, situation this that only happens when it refers to a period in which the luminous forces are in emerging. The pyramidal points in the extremes of both bodies that almost joined, they represent the inexhaustible magnetism among the superior that could be the good one ruler, the wise one, their town the universal man. The interatracción can be between leader and those who are governed, between the upper thing and the lower thing, between the small thing and the large thing, between the protector and the protected, between mother and son, between man and woman in conclusion interaction among the diverse thing where not borders exist that can exclude one of the parts because  they are coexisting. THE PERFECT HARMONY OF THE DIVERSE THING OF IT OPPOSED.

5.- Title of the Politano sculpture?

The title of my sculpture is “INTERATRACCIÓN “


6.- In its work carries some message to the Public?

Yes. It is through my artistic work magnetism to penetrate in the beings that observe it, so that they can visualize in its thoughts and they can decree that, yes it is possible the harmony among the opposite, that yes it is possible for the opposite to coexist we are capable of elevating us to the sky although we leave from that of the land. not to the destruction of one of the parts not to the existence of a single part.


7.- Have you had to adapt to the material that they provided to you to make your sculpture? This brought you disadvantages and how resolvistes?

It is different to do a sculpture for a Symposium in a specific place because one must adapt to the local and existing materials the existing materials. But in case of Venezuela, they exist a great variety of materials, here there is bauxite, iron, stones, gypsum, this does that the invited artist be not found so limited as in other countried where there is limitations. In my case I used venezuelan iron and my proposal was a sculpture not complex in its execution although by its weight and monumetal size was needed a crane for raising so heavy weight. The cut of the 10 element of iron was relatively simple and precise. The workers at the Orion workshop and my partners Artists were very collaborating with me. This was also an unforgettable experience thanks to the collaboration of the Governor of Nueva Esparta State of its Coordinator Humberto Cazorla who is also artist and engineer William Ramirez who was the managing director of the whole project. Excellent experience. I am extremely thanked to all of them.


8.- ¿Did you as an Artist cover its expectations with this event? Did Its piece stay as it visualized it before doing it? This satisfied with the final result?

NOTHING IS PERFECT, ALL IS PERFECTIBLE, but has been almost perfect. In spite of the little available time and of the lack of a financial significant or necessary support on the part of the Private and Public Businesses I consider that the result has been very positive. Now it is very important the maintenance of all the sculptures that composed the Public Road Museum of Margarita Island since the environment has high nitrate and necessary financial support to the Government specific to this continuous process of maintenance.



November 12, 2021
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