"Wladimiro Politano Dreamlike Metaphors and Abstract Synthesis"

By Curator Benjamin Villares

The master Wladimiro Politano has a solid and prolific career reflected in the presence of his artwork in important museums and a lot of awards in Europe, United States and Venezuela.


This selection reveals a part of his most recent work (from 12 years) to the public of Venezuela. Although his work is best known for its approaches and influences of geometric abstraction and more specifically as a sculptor, on this occasion we exhibit a group of paintings with an intense load expressive, dreamlike and metaphorical. At the same time introducing a small group of sculptures, in its most common line, in the same period.


The paintings, in which technically is drawing, geometric compositions and the use of a limited and predetermined colors group, are as interpretations that the artist performs on his inner world, one that has to do with the subconscious outcrops and at the same time, as a reflection of the poetic perception of its palpable reality.


The influences of the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century are receivable and notables, Surrealism, Suprematism, Futurism and Dadaism are part of the training and tradition of the Politano master; but we must point out that most magical and telluric character of our Venezuelan context that has permeated his drawing and painting.


It is important to mention the introspective expressivity of the characters represented, that manifests in a way distant, apparently indifferent what allows us as viewers and fans to stop and reflect and inspire us in the creative universe of the artist. The paintings, although figurative in nature, never cease to surprise us by their careful geometric presentation and the meticulous use of spot colors.


As for sculpture carried out a small but representative selection of the recent work of the master. The continuity of its geometric formalist approach is evident says Peran Erminy: highlights the strength of an abstract geometric shape, extreme minimalist synthesis and primary structure, sometimes completed in acute aggressive probes (1). Still, highlighting the use of structures in combination of planes, so that, in the majority of cases appear as several sculptures integrated into a single work. The formal strength in combination with the use of the pure primary colors creates a powerful connection with the object and focuses attention on his synthetic characteristic.


This show is a unique opportunity to get closer to a recent work of high-level technical, thematic and formal of an Italo-Venezuelan artist with many years of experience and research with a large international tour and definitely important in the context of the arts in Venezuela.


Benjamin Villares
(1). Erminy, Peran: otherness imaginary Wladimiro Politano, Politano, Editorial Arte, Caracas, Venezuela, 2002

November 12, 2002
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