"Images In An Imaginary Space" By Roberto Guevara

Art Critic Dr. Roberto Guevara

Here is a painter who discovers secret powers to the imagery. With searches aimed principally at treatment of the human theme. His works are placed in the difficult sites in space Imaginary, where there are overturned the conventional notions of depth, relief and perspective that space and remains fluid and transparent as that is the substance of the image in the space.


To carry out these purposes Wladimiro Politano used alternatively two media, drawing and painting. In the first case, the line is sufficient for the artist, because with her trace desdoblados figures or characters, which are crossed with each other and make the journey made in magical field of signals and images. In addition, the paint used in addition to the plain color, used with the dual freedom of wealth and the choice; for free, your game chromatic is broad and bold; by the conscience of the choice, their colors are studied to provide necessary support for contrast and transparency, when these two resources are used to create overlapping areas where the images include other images.


The technical work of master Politan is a constant challenge limitations against the self-imposed, restricts the forms of these figures highly stylised lines that playing between the geometrical and the

As in other cases of talented creators, the limitation here is an essential element in the original social imagery of master Wladimiro Politano, for whom the human comedy and its characters are a constant topic for walking and retrace our steps, through the most subtle loopholes in the space and memory. In effect, his painting is first and foremost a bold field of references. The line or the edge between colors planes, as you want to appreciate, is the border of tensions, but also the line is crossed and creates fields common to two forms, and then there are ambivalent areas, areas that may be on one level or another, in a time or in another. It is a typical case of the resources of the painter to escape the aestheticism of a flat and linear conception of painting.


In its place Politano installs a magical field referrals, impregnation of affective vast planes of bright colors to cunningly opposing the gray and black, and the cool colors. On these large moles chromatic aspect we could say monumental, the incision is part of the trait of the faces, sometimes conflicting in the foreshortening profile double-faced, or sub-added in a multiplicity of characters.


Each character is a human study, and the whole, there is a tense social atmosphere. A question to another, the study of the characters varies and it could be said that in this sense Politano is a tireless researcher into the possibilities of this medium to record the human presence.


Drawings and paintings match in this last aspect. The research of the outline of the face with intentions variables from humor and satire, up to the contemplation of the worldly atmospheres with the same objectification of a dead nature. A imagery of invention that does not turn away from the man. On the contrary, to the concrete, relentlessly.


November 12, 2021
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