"Wladimiro Politano" By Franco Farro

Magazine Italia, Ovunque Vol 4. 2005

The surrealism of Wladimiro Politano is his dreams' transliteration. To transliterate is to write substituting the letters of an alphabet with the equivalents of another one. In fact, Wladimiro substitutes his dreams with the equivalents of his pictorial language.


He does it, because when you hear him you can realize he is dreaming every night while he works everyday to set on canvas everything he remembers from the night before.


When admiring his wide production based on noticeable purely geometric subjects, most of the time, it is surprising to see his capacity to perceive the miracle of life. Certainly, he is gifted in front of the gods, since not many people have the ability to "feel" like he does. The sensorial perceptions acquire an Importance, even greater, in the designing dimension and with the sight and the strong desire of touch, they liberate a possession instinct.


His creations bounce from the visual pleasure to space and objects experience that enter in the sensitive and global imaginary of most advanced objects. In Polltano surrealism there is an enjoyable and sensorial amplification very close to the human body, which proposes the reading of a dream, like codes of a new empathy; primary solid geometries, multiple attached geometries and complex shapes of fascinating asymmetry. Wladimiro's chisel is blamelessly hereditary and of a genetic and personal kind; that is, for many evident artistic reasons, reflected through all his hammering on the raw material.


Being him, precisely, the last one of his previous generation, Wladimiro understood art since his childhood. He learned techniques on the letter and the spirit. He reached the top by having exhibitions at art galleries of international prestige and having many collectors at the door of his studio in New York and lately in Caracas.


Aestethic sculpture sometimes of great dimensions; oscillating sculpture, spectacular sculpture that deform or reduce image, a game. The elegance of a game where shape is lightning time and color at the same time; this is also art, an artistic expression not common to our current civilization.


Obviously, next to his signature, there is always the medusa that captured his soul; it is not visible to the human eye because it is the art that is born from art. Because dreams translated in pictorial realities posses, in any way, a sensual component which is part of his loving life and keeps him in a constant emotional delirium.


Clementina Di Ruggiero, his musa, agent and wife, is the great woman behind any great man. She is the other invisible signature, worth of merit, found in each jewel created by Wladimiro POLITANO.

June 1, 2005
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