The Americas Collection at "Pinta NY 2013" : presents the sculptor Wladimiro Politano. New York 2013

14 - 17 November 2013

This is the 7th ANNUAL PINTA NEW YORK ART SHOW is a Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show and cover a wider range of art from Latin America, Spain and Portugal than ever before.


According to Executive Director and CEO of PINTA New York, Diego Costa Peuser the entire reason for PINTA in New York City is to raise the profile of Latin American art and its identity, “We believe that a joint effort and working together for a common purpose are a foundation for success and for achieving great results, and we are determined to build bridges to and from Latin America, so that art from the region may continue to position itself globally.”


There is “PINTA Forum” curator-Gabriela Rangel and coordinated by Miguel A. López. The Forum is the primary academic component to the show that touches on the themes of Art History, Identity, Narratives and Institutional Development within Latin America.


The master Wladimiro POLITANO through the gallery THE AMERICAS COLLECTION exposes his monumental sculptures on “PINTA Contemporary” whose curator is Ian COFRE. This section of galleries that show the latest contemporary pieces of work from Latin American. There are present galleries from Latin America and New York City.


POLITANO exposes aluminum sculptures chromed of different colors unique, red, cobalt blue, viola and yellow. His artistic language part of geometric shapes and volumes that are defined in space, where highlights the use of pure primary colors to create abstract images, of extreme minimalist synthesis, sometimes completed in acute tips. Their sculptures are the product of the volumetric study based on symmetries or asymmetrical shapes based on concepts and calculations, designed by maestro POLITANO who, well known to the study of the space and the perfect proportion.


This year 2013 is an exciting time for Wladimiro POLITANO, Italian-Latin American master, sculptor and painter in a Show where participate around of 40 organizations from across Latin America, the United States, Spain and Portugal have funded PINTA NY and the very best of the best is being represented.