"Wladimiro Politano"

By Bernard Brenner

From the beginning of our operation as Art Gallery “Maison Bernard” we have presented many and very good local and foreign artists. All from different schools and following uncountable tendencies had something in common, their “arte puro” or “pure art”.


We have seen classical, impressionist, post-impressionist, expressionist sub-realist, cubist, and many other artist gather by, and we have never discriminated or made difference, what so ever, since they all have their own value in relation to the various taste and preference of art lovers.


The time has come, as following a pre-established fate, to introduce to you an already well known painter in our artistic society. An indefatigably researcher in the field of Art… Painting, Sculpture, a person that never resigns himself and until today has struggled and has never objected on the effort, dedicating himself completely to his art, sometimes with optimism and other with a the natural depression of the ultra sensitive beings, that in their unbreakable search leave along their way marks of silent and highly felt suffering.


Today is a great day for the artist that we have the honour to introduce to you; a great day for Politano, since it becomes visible that a new era of rewards to his efforts begins, his desire to project himself in an international way taking with him, as Italian-Venezuelan, the Italian and Venezuelan flags interweaved, with his message of humanity, faith and peace to the whole world.


With great modesty, one of his characteristics, that is well known by all those living near him, he wants to pay his respects and gratefulness to Venezuela, very much loved foster country, where under its purest tropical lights he received his creative inspiration with which he later created his work of art; also to all his friends and art collectors, that had and unbreakable faith in him and his art from the beginning of his carrier. This new stage in Politano´s art offer an extraordinary sensitive strength, a complete security in the composition of volume, the plastic balance and a personal style that expresses the honesty of the emotions and the absolute control of the craft. Is our sincere conviction that this sample of Politano´s art will get through to the hearts of those that contemplate it and for those searching something more than plane sympathetic co-efficiency in a picture, this exhibition will fill with complete satisfaction the lovers of today’s modern Art.

November 12, 2021
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