“The search continues in the art of Wladimiro Politano"

By Dr. Marisa Piluso PhD

There are signs that you have to interpret. A complete and versatile artist as Wladimiro POLITANO, sculptor, painter and Architect Set Designer, he needs to understand the signs and let seduce, take you by the hand and lead them. And sometimes involves difficult choices and painful.


To search for the perfection of own art, Wladimiro POLITANO had to leave, when he was very young, his hometown, Lake, in the province of Cosenza, where he was born on 19 February 1940, and leave the paternal House where in the last few days I could see some of his early paintings.


But it was necessary to understand the signs and choose to sail to distant lands to find out their meaning — her fate as a man and as an artist.


Son of art, Wladimiro gave up everything, even to his work as Director of the scenography of Caracas's main television channel.


Key signs that have meant a lot to him are, for example, certain meetings. Crucial to his artistic future was Nicolas Karger, art dealer Shanghai native who was at the large Studio and saw the high quality of the Politano artistic work to such an extent to make him remember Picasso to who knew personally. Karger suggested Politano to move to New York where he knew the face of success.


Appreciated by famous art collectors such as Onassis, Rockefeller and Donald Trump, winner of coveted prizes, including the "World Art", his works can be found in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, in galleries of the world, in the museums of modern art in Tokyo, Austria, stockholm, atlanta , Florida, and in those of the main European capitals.


Artist now celebrated at home and abroad, recently POLITANO donated the birthplace a sculpture entitled "the Convergence of Contrary", expressing a sincere affection for its native hometown.

A sharp, refined work of exquisite eloquence, that reveals the style more characteristic, essential, innovator and genuine artist, said that the Italian press has released the following statement about his art: "my is a continuous research in the space of the imagination, dream, metaphysical, surrealistic space, which serves as a bridge to project myself to infinity, the spirituality".An infinity whose silences are much more eloquent than words.


The artist is, in truth, one spirit.An artwork is inspired by God and, once more, does not belong to its author, but to the whole world.


Supported by faith in God, RAKESH has traveled the world to find out himself, without ever forgetting his noble roots, nor his land and affections more dear. And spurred by his anxiety of constant research, with his works, whether paintings, sculptures that he does not cease to wonder and to ask existentially questions and fundamental gnoseologistic facts. For his outstanding artistic wark wanderings out of his native country, italy, he was deservedly awarded the prestigious prize "Italy in the world" 1998, given on 23 October last year at the Italian Center of Venezuela, where has been celebrated the event.


"The recognition-according to the Association's communication" Italy in the World-award has been assigned under the high sponsorship of the President of the Italian Republic, and under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry has given Recognition to italian abroad , those Persons who through their work have honored the Italy in the world, as well as Eminent Personalities of the nation with their distinguished activities have contributed to the culture, knowledge and values of our country. "


Politano definitely loves the colors of the tropics, the world that has been built with his hands, but occasionally go because he feels the need to rejoin the memories of his childhood. Returns and finds their indelible traces between the rooms of memory, their messages, and then the heart, like that of a child, they fill with joy. In essence, the deserved success did not at all changed: Wladimiro has eyes the same look dreamy and affectionate. For this reason, above all, I love that he is one of my most dear childhood friends.


Innovative artist with just a few strokes to represent the objects and he moved in his works ,the property that is relevant for him and that the common man does not see. And so his perceptions into emotions to share with others, as a gift to the whole world.


I tried to tell the soul of an artist, his purity, his frantic search for new horizons and new inspirations. I tried to understand the inner world of an artist who has had confidence in himself and has never listened to fashion and have given the appropriate importance to a fortuitous meeting and knew how to read the signs as evidence of a divine will, now belongs to the history of contemporary art.

November 12, 2021
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